I'll have you know I'm scared to death
Cats. Porn. Mayday Parade. Odd Future. That 70's Show. Pokémon. Marvel Comics. DC Comics. Devil May Cry. Regular Show. Adventure Time. Old school Cartoon Network.
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i’m just saying you could do better

tell me have you heard that lately

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let’s play a game called “are you staring at me because im hot or ugly”

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-Back In The Day

-90’s cartoons were the best!!

- I feel so old though XD




-But whats the name of the show with the girls with the pink and purple hair because i forgot!

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age 5: I want to be a Pokemon Trainer

age 19: I want to be a Pokemon Trainer

Age 24: I want to be a Pokemon trainer

Gotta catch em all

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at work: ***flawless (feat. featuring chimamanda ngozi adichie)

when i’m going out: ***flawless (feat. nicki minaj)

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